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  1. Now that our new kitten has had time to settle in, and we have all  had time to get to know each other better – and  after much careful consideration, and debate we have decided to call him Sirius (of Sirius Black – Harry Potter fame) – primarily because of his colour, but also because he is a bit of a scallyway. Sirius and Oscar have become buddies – and whilst they are still a little cautious of each other, are interacting and playing more and more each day.

  2. Well, we’ve been here for a few months now, there are still a few minor “glitches” with the house (e.g. TV Points) but all in all we are feeling very settled. We’ve caught up with some of the neighbours – who are ALL very nice.  We rarely seem to cross paths (everyone has such a hectic lifestyle these days) but it’s always nice to have a chat. We’ve also got some news on the block at the back… it has been bought by a lovely young couple, who have been chasing up[ planning permission for months, and development of their new house is scheduled to start very soon (mid-late July). I’m definitely not looking forward to the noise and dust… but very much looking forward to being “entertained” by the construction over the next few months.

  3. Well at least that is his RSPCA name…. It is highly unlikely that it will stick though, we will give him a week or two to settle in and see what names id most appropriate. Since Sheldon’s latest “escape” (over two weeks ago) we have not seen or heard of him at all… So…. because Oscar is now a little lonely  (OK so maybe Jamie and I have some ulterior motives too), we decided to get a new kitten. Dubbed “Nicholas von Whiskas” by the RSPCA (seems like they were having a challenging week for kitten names), we went out, selected and picked him up on Friday afternoon. He is just 3 months old (which put’s his birthday at around 22 March 2012), very cute, small (just 1.7 kg) and black – with a slight tabby pattern – which may come out more as he grows. So far he has settled in very nicely – although he is still a bit unsure of Oscar (and vice versa) – but I’m sure they will become best of buddies before too long. Like most kittens, he is very playful, and tends to alternate between bursts of joy and playfulness, to deep sleep, and so far he has spent the nights in his basket on a bed (which will need to change !!!) “Nicholas” is very keen to be around people – all the time – and if he suddenly notices there is no-one around, starts to “yell” (he can be quite vocal). If either of us are still for more than 5 minutes he jumps up (or climbs up if we happen to be standing) and curls up on our shoulder/chest/lap – I sincerely hope this is a trait he grows out of 🙂

  4. Well, I think that we have finally seen they last of Sheldon. This morning we were passing Sheldon’s drain so thought we would check it out… no sign, but we went around the corner to the house he has been “visiting”, rattled his tin… and sure enough, after a few minutes, plodding on up the driveway came Sheldon…  He  was none the worse for wear (after over two weeks away) and in fact looked quite pleased with himself. We went into the house to see if anyone was home, and figured if they had “adopted” him – he was welcome to stay.  There was no-one at home, so we decided that we shouldn’t leave him there… and bundled him into the car.  He was quite happy, but before long decided to do a poo – which is fairly standard practice for him in the car… Unfortunately it was very runny  and VERY smelly, so we hastened our journey home  (with all windows open), kicked him out of the car, and cleaned up the mess.  Sheldon immediately (of course) made himself home… although he did not ask for food at all… so had obviously been eating well. He curled up on my bed (until I kicked him off) and then settled down for an afternoon nap on a bench on the front verandah – which was  a regular spot of his. Several hours later, we went to check – and he had disappeared again….  This time he couldn’t even be bothered waiting around for dinner.  So we feel that he has made his position abundantly clear… there are other places he would rather be… so have decided to leave him to it. We will of course go get him if someone finds him and calls us (he still has his collar […]

  5. Sheldon Update

    12 May 2012

    Well… as suspected Sheldon’s nomadic behaviour is escalating… he has wandered of twice this week already. He disappeared straight after dinner on Wednesday night, and Thursday morning – on the off chance – we checked out Meadowlands Rd… I rattled his tin, and if he was there at all,  expected to hear him before we saw him so was a bit surprised to see a head pop up out of a drain just 20metres away.  He had somehow managed to lose his collar (and bell and tag), so was silent – and if we hadn’t checked and found him, who knows how long he would have been missing (until someone took him to a Vet or RSPCA and had his microchip checked). So Meadowlands Rd is now confirmed as his “favourite” spot – at least now we know where to go looking for him 🙂 First thing I did was get another collar and bell ($10) and another TWO name tags engraved ($14 each).  Maybe now we have a spare he might manage not to lose the one he has !!! This morning, I gave the cats their breakfast… and then…, less than an hour later, got a call that Sheldon had again been “found”.  This time he had wandered onto the back deck of a neighbours (a couple of hundred meters up the road) and invited himself in for breakfast.    This was a young couple with three young boys – and Sheldon was smooching and purring and loving the attention. I eventually carried him out onto the street and started to walk home… but he didn’t want to be held, so he struggled and wriggled and escaped… and ended up trotting along behind me … all the way home.  

  6. I’m quite new to the rental game… it has been many years since I have been a tenant and I am a little bemused by the whole concept and process of rental property maintenance. In order to get the most out of any property, some level of maintenance is required.  No matter how careful you are, or how new and fresh the property is, there will always be things that break, wear out, or just don’t work properly. As a home owner for many years, I have always been very aware of stuff that needs doing around the house, and as am amateur handyman, have for the most part been able to fix or repair pretty much everything that needed doing.  However, as a “tenant” there are restrictions on the types of things I am allowed (or supposed) to do around the house… and I am still coming to terms with what these are. Maintenance Requests I have (I believe) an excellent relationship with the rental agent, and have found them eager to help out as much as possible… but because maintenance requests and problems often seem to have to be relayed back to the owner… for the most part find it a long, drawn out, and often frustrating process. There are many problems that I could fix myself, but instead I have to notify the agent, and wait (often weeks or months) to have them resolved or see what the “decision” is about whether they should be done.  Here are some examples : Case 1 – TV Reception When we first moved in, it quickly became clear that the TV reception was not what it should be.  At first I thought we may have been in a bad reception area, but after speaking to the neighbours (who had no […]

  7. Sheldon Returns

    05 May 2012

    So… after another 6 days Sheldon has been found again.  We got a call this evening that he had wandered into the back yard of a family just off Meadowlands Rd… a mere 100 meters from where he was found last time. It appears that he has found a new “favourite spot”, so with a bit of luck the next time he wanders off we will know where to look. In anticipation of of ongoing wanderings, I have created a dedicated page with information about Sheldon’s comings and goings… along with a map of where he has been, and (in the left hand column of every page), an icon which shows whether Sheldon is home or away.

  8. I’ve never really been a great fan of dishwashers.  We tend not to use that many dishes and I usually find it quicker and easier to wash them by hand anyway.  I also think it is a good discipline for the kids, to get involved with “washing the dishes”. However, as a part of the rental agreement, we were assured that a new dishwasher would be installed. We were promised this would be done before we moved in… but here we are almost 3 months later and we still do not have a dishwasher. This week… We Promise… Over the last few months we’ve had various promises that it would be done “this week”, but of course that has not yet happened… Finally, this week we saw some progress, and were contacted by the handyman who was going to pick it up and install it.  It was apparently ordered some time ago, and should have been picked up and installed yesterday… but of course it was not ready. The handyman did call and apologise, and arranged to do the work this morning at 0900… but now – at 0950, there us still no sign or news. With a bit of luck the handyman’s arrival will be imminent, and I can update this post with good news that it is installed and running – but I am not holding my breath.. 10:30… still no sign.. or news. 14:20.. still no dishwasher or news 🙁 17:00.. no dishwasher… maybe another day/week ?? Monday: Got a call from the Handyman (Jake).  He apologised for not contacting me on Saturday… his dad had a heart attack.. 🙁 Oops now I feel guilty for being grumpy -“Sorry” !! Tuesday: Dishwasher installed and all good 🙂    

  9. Oscar, our second cat, was procured after Sheldon had disappeared for a few months, and we’d decided that we may not see him again. Oscar was a stand out from the other cats when we spotted him at the RSPCA,  and he quickly warmed to the idea of being a lovely ball of fluff.  However, only a month or two after we got Oscar, Sheldon was found and brought back to us (oh the wonders of Microchips). At first the cats weren”t very friendly, and simply hissed at each other as they passed in the hallway. Slowly however, they began to warm to each other and now they’re best friends (sort of) –  “brothers” as we like to call them. Hours before he’s due dinner Oscar will go around making sure that we know he’s still here, being very affectionate and loving. Strangely enough he’ll stop showing us his love when he’s had his dinner though. Nothing surpasses his love for food, although one thing comes close- his brush. He thoroughly enjoys getting brushed and would generally sit for hours receiving such treatment, although on occasion he’ll decide eating the brush would be more enjoyable. Oscar loves finding a cosy spot and staying there, either on a bed, in the garden, or in the middle of the floor. He may seem to be a lovely sleepy bundle of joy and he is, but he has his moments on insanity. Occasionally you’ll hear the clatter of small, padded feet running around the house at a rate of knots and you really wonder what’s going through his head. Another of his party tricks is to run into the house from the garden as fast as his small legs can carry him. Somehow, each time he does this he manages to bring in half of […]

  10. For the last week or so, Sheldon has been disappearing promptly after breakfast and re-appearing several hours later. I’ve seen him wander across the (busy) road, but he always reappears in plenty of time for dinner. For the last few nights he has also been disappearing after dinner… and one night Jamie found him wandering a few hundred meters up the road… We’ve been closing the front door (because it has started to get cool in the evenings), but so far he has eventually turned up and waited patiently to be (eventually) let in when we check later in the evening. However, today, true to form, he disappeared straight after breakfast… but has not been seen since.  So apparently he has wandered off yet again. Watch this space for updates 🙂

  11. Well it’s more of a scratch/scrape really than a bump… and it doesn’t just happen in the night…. but we seem to have some uninvited “guests” scurrying around in the walls. We’ve not seen any other evidence, just a variety of scratching and scraping sounds emanating from the walls – at various times and locations. We suspect Rats because the noise is too much for mice… and probably not loud enough for possums. The cats have certainly shown plenty of interest, but get frustrated when there is nothing to chase 🙂 I guess we’d better lay some traps and see what happens… watch this space…

  12. When it Rains.....

    13 April 2012

    Upon first inspecting the property, I had noticed some odd looking plumbing fittings sticking out of the ground down one side of the house.  I figured they were something to do with the drainage system.  I’ve since learned that they are actually part of a “soak pit” which has been put in place to deal with the stormwater runoff.   A Soak Pit, also known as a soakaway or leach pit, is a covered, porous-walled chamber that allows water to slowly soak into the ground. Ideally stormwater would be directed off the property via a piped or open drainage system.  The obvious option for this property (and the block behind) was to pipe it into the stormwater drain, located on the (back) neighbours property.  Council gave approval, however, the neighbour apparently refused to allow access unless the builder also fixed guttering and various other bits of his house.  Obviously the maintenance of the neighbours property is nothing to do with the owner of this one, so they declined, and instead had no other option but to implement a “soak pit”… in this case approximately 3 x 2 metres. The downside for us is that pretty much every time it rains (and it doesn’t take much), the pit overflows, and water flows down across the back yard to the block behind.  Presumably this is going to get worse if/when the back block is built on – as they also have a soak pit.  So, much of the stormwater  (which should have been piped directly into the stormwater system on the neighbours property) is likely to end up flowing right over his yard.  Hope he recognises that it was his choice that caused the problem.  

  13. Well… He is back…. (after 6 days).. and looking as healthy and happy as ever…. We went out for just an hour… to discover 3 voice messages on the answer machine when we got back….  Message 1 : from mum, saying that she had found Sheldon at her place… what the !!! Message 2 : (left earlier) from someone saying they had Googled the number on Sheldons tag, had found our (old) address and taken him around, but when they got there he had escaped Message 3 : (left earlier still) from the same someone  as above who had found Sheldon at a dog park (I know I should be surprised… but…) So, never one for a dull moment or a quiet entrance, Sheldon has not disappointed…  and is currently (after scoffing loads of food), exhausted and curled up fast asleep… dreaming up a new escape plan no doubt… postcript : I’ve subsequently spoken to the lady who found him at the dog park (ThankYou !!!)… and apparently he shared the ride home in the car with a German Shephard – which must have been interesting for them both 🙂  

  14. Left the doors open late tonight… and surprise surprise, Sheldon has disappeared… 🙁 Wonder where he has got to this time…. and when he will turn up again 🙂

  15. Jamie’sSecond driving lesson today… and… OMG… he has started reverse parking already !!!

  16. Beds, washing machine and  fridge delivered today, and we have officially moved in. 🙂 A few minor issues which need to be rectfiied, but so nfar so good… Very Nice to have our own space again

  17. Picked up the keys from Remax… yippeee… can start “moving in”, althouguh there is no rush and expect it to take a week or so before we are “officially” in.

  1. SOLD - December 2011

    11 December 2011

    Sold on December 11th 2011

  1. Sold - Oct 2009

    28 October 2009

    Sold for $537,500 (this was for the FULL Block – which has subsequently been subdivided into 2 seperate blocks)

  1. Sold - Dec 1979

    29 December 1979

    Sold for $48,000