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When it Rains…..

Upon first inspecting the property, I had noticed some odd looking plumbing fittings sticking out of the ground down one side of the house.  I figured they were something to do with the drainage system.  I’ve since learned that they are actually part of a “soak pit” which has been put in place to deal with the stormwater runoff.

  A Soak Pit, also known as a soakaway or leach pit, is a covered, porous-walled chamber that allows water to slowly soak into the ground.

Ideally stormwater would be directed off the property via a piped or open drainage system.  The obvious option for this property (and the block behind) was to pipe it into the stormwater drain, located on the (back) neighbours property.  Council gave approval, however, the neighbour apparently refused to allow access unless the builder also fixed guttering and various other bits of his house.  Obviously the maintenance of the neighbours property is nothing to do with the owner of this one, so they declined, and instead had no other option but to implement a “soak pit”… in this case approximately 3 x 2 metres.

The downside for us is that pretty much every time it rains (and it doesn’t take much), the pit overflows, and water flows down across the back yard to the block behind.  Presumably this is going to get worse if/when the back block is built on – as they also have a soak pit.  So, much of the stormwater  (which should have been piped directly into the stormwater system on the neighbours property) is likely to end up flowing right over his yard.  Hope he recognises that it was his choice that caused the problem.