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The Sheldon Saga continues….

Well… He is back…. (after 6 days).. and looking as healthy and happy as ever….

We went out for just an hour… to discover 3 voice messages on the answer machine when we got back….

 Message 1 : from mum, saying that she had found Sheldon at her place… what the !!!

Message 2 : (left earlier) from someone saying they had Googled the number on Sheldons tag, had found our (old) address and taken him around, but when they got there he had escaped

Message 3 : (left earlier still) from the same someone  as above who had found Sheldon at a dog park (I know I should be surprised… but…)

So, never one for a dull moment or a quiet entrance, Sheldon has not disappointed…  and is currently (after scoffing loads of food), exhausted and curled up fast asleep… dreaming up a new escape plan no doubt…

postcript : I’ve subsequently spoken to the lady who found him at the dog park (ThankYou !!!)… and apparently he shared the ride home in the car with a German Shephard – which must have been interesting for them both 🙂