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The last of Sheldon ??

Well, I think that we have finally seen they last of Sheldon.

This morning we were passing Sheldon’s drain so thought we would check it out… no sign, but we went around the corner to the house he has been “visiting”, rattled his tin… and sure enough, after a few minutes, plodding on up the driveway came Sheldon…  He  was none the worse for wear (after over two weeks away) and in fact looked quite pleased with himself.

We went into the house to see if anyone was home, and figured if they had “adopted” him – he was welcome to stay.  There was no-one at home, so we decided that we shouldn’t leave him there… and bundled him into the car.  He was quite happy, but before long decided to do a poo – which is fairly standard practice for him in the car… Unfortunately it was very runny  and VERY smelly, so we hastened our journey home  (with all windows open), kicked him out of the car, and cleaned up the mess.  Sheldon immediately (of course) made himself home… although he did not ask for food at all… so had obviously been eating well.

He curled up on my bed (until I kicked him off) and then settled down for an afternoon nap on a bench on the front verandah – which was  a regular spot of his.

Several hours later, we went to check – and he had disappeared again….  This time he couldn’t even be bothered waiting around for dinner.  So we feel that he has made his position abundantly clear… there are other places he would rather be… so have decided to leave him to it.

We will of course go get him if someone finds him and calls us (he still has his collar and tags)…. but we have given up on going looking for him… and have decided… if he is not around by the start of the school holidays… that we may get a new kitten as a replacement (Sheldon 2 ??)