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Sheldon Update

Well… as suspected Sheldon’s nomadic behaviour is escalating… he has wandered of twice this week already.

He disappeared straight after dinner on Wednesday night, and Thursday morning – on the off chance – we checked out Meadowlands Rd…

I rattled his tin, and if he was there at all,  expected to hear him before we saw him so was a bit surprised to see a head pop up out of a drain just 20metres away.  He had somehow managed to lose his collar (and bell and tag), so was silent – and if we hadn’t checked and found him, who knows how long he would have been missing (until someone took him to a Vet or RSPCA and had his microchip checked).

So Meadowlands Rd is now confirmed as his “favourite” spot – at least now we know where to go looking for him 🙂

First thing I did was get another collar and bell ($10) and another TWO name tags engraved ($14 each).  Maybe now we have a spare he might manage not to lose the one he has !!!

This morning, I gave the cats their breakfast… and then…, less than an hour later, got a call that Sheldon had again been “found”.  This time he had wandered onto the back deck of a neighbours (a couple of hundred meters up the road) and invited himself in for breakfast.    This was a young couple with three young boys – and Sheldon was smooching and purring and loving the attention.

I eventually carried him out onto the street and started to walk home… but he didn’t want to be held, so he struggled and wriggled and escaped… and ended up trotting along behind me … all the way home.