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Introducing Nicholas von Whiskas

Well at least that is his RSPCA name…. It is highly unlikely that it will stick though, we will give him a week or two to settle in and see what names id most appropriate.

Since Sheldon’s latest “escape” (over two weeks ago) we have not seen or heard of him at all… So…. because Oscar is now a little lonely  (OK so maybe Jamie and I have some ulterior motives too), we decided to get a new kitten.

Dubbed “Nicholas von Whiskas” by the RSPCA (seems like they were having a challenging week for kitten names), we went out, selected and picked him up on Friday afternoon.

He is just 3 months old (which put’s his birthday at around 22 March 2012), very cute, small (just 1.7 kg) and black – with a slight tabby pattern – which may come out more as he grows.

So far he has settled in very nicely – although he is still a bit unsure of Oscar (and vice versa) – but I’m sure they will become best of buddies before too long.

Like most kittens, he is very playful, and tends to alternate between bursts of joy and playfulness, to deep sleep, and so far he has spent the nights in his basket on a bed (which will need to change !!!)

“Nicholas” is very keen to be around people – all the time – and if he suddenly notices there is no-one around, starts to “yell” (he can be quite vocal).

If either of us are still for more than 5 minutes he jumps up (or climbs up if we happen to be standing) and curls up on our shoulder/chest/lap – I sincerely hope this is a trait he grows out of 🙂