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A little about Sheldon

Sheldon is a wanderer.

He is our 2 year old (??) tabby cat and makes up half of our pet menagerie (his “brother” Oscar will  no doubt get his own featured post at some stage).

You may have already guessed, but he was named after the “Big Bang Theory’s” Sheldon Cooper character… because he was long and thin… and VERY VERY smart, and although our Sheldon is much “friendlier” than Leonard’s, he is also oblivious to many of the nuances of social etiquette (which I guess is a pretty feline thing anyway) .

Sheldon was a present for Jamie’s 15th Birthday, and for the most part has been a fabulous pet.  We “rescued” him from the RSPCA, where he stood out from the crowd and was clearly the one that we had to have (his RSPCA name was Gremlin – which in retrospect was probably appropriate).

Sheldon was originally VERY feisty (bordering on wild), but has toned down a bit over the years.  In the early days walking down the hallway (especially in the dark) was a fearful experience – wondering whether Sheldon would flash out of a doorway (teeth and claws flying) and crash tackle you around the legs.

Although he comes and goes as he pleases during the day, we try to keep Sheldon locked inside overnight, because we’ve discovered at night he has wandering tendencies.

1st Disappearance

He first disappeared around Easter 2011.  We weren’t too concerned, because he was collared, tagged, and micro chipped so we expected him to turn up again fairly quickly.  However, after much searching and many enquiries and as the days, weeks and eventually months ticked by, we began to wonder if he would in fact show up.

Several months later we eventually decided to get a “replacement”, and selected Oscar from the RSPCA (again, a very easy choice).  However, several months later (and seven months after initially disappearing) we got a call from the RSPCA that Sheldon had finally turned up (oh the wonders of micro chipping).  It seems that he was found at an industrial estate – approx 5kms away from our home.  He was in great shape, and still very friendly – certainly not what you would expect from a  cat “in the wild” for seven months.

He seemed to love being home, and accepted Oscar very well (they have become close, but sometimes combative mates), but a couple of weeks later, disappeared again.  This time (after a week missing) we got a call from a concerned stranger who had found him wandering around… at the same industrial estate he was found previously.

The Wandering continues

Sheldon’s wandering habits have continued (and in fact escalated) and in the subsequent months he would spend a few days or a week with us, before disappearing again.  We quickly realised he was returning to the same area (although we still don’t know why), and it became a regular (if a little bizarre) experience when he was missing to head out shopping and  pick him up on the way home  (we had trained the cats to respond to us shaking a tin with rocks in it at dinner time, so this proved very effective at retrieving him).

We weren’t very sure what would happen when we moved house (we now live approx 5 Km from the old house – in the opposite direction from Sheldon’s favourite industrial estate), but have endeavoured to keep both cats securely locked in overnight – much to Sheldon’s disgust as he paces the house looking for an exit.

Simply locking the doors proved ineffective though, as we discovered when Sheldon decided to leap from a 2nd story window one night to “freedom”…

A week later, and he was found again – this time at a local sports oval, and we received a call late at night to retrieve him.  We had actually managed to “keep” him for a little over a month, but recently he has again exhibited his Houdini  tricks and is once again at large.

W’eve done the rounds, shaking our tin, at all the likely local spots, but have not as yet tracked him down.  We fully expect him to turn up somewhere, sometime, but whether that will be days, weeks or months … only time will tell.