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A little about Oscar

Oscar, our second cat, was procured after Sheldon had disappeared for a few months, and we’d decided that we may not see him again. Oscar was a stand out from the other cats when we spotted him at the RSPCA,  and he quickly warmed to the idea of being a lovely ball of fluff.  However, only a month or two after we got Oscar, Sheldon was found and brought back to us (oh the wonders of Microchips).

At first the cats weren”t very friendly, and simply hissed at each other as they passed in the hallway. Slowly however, they began to warm to each other and now they’re best friends (sort of) –  “brothers” as we like to call them.

Hours before he’s due dinner Oscar will go around making sure that we know he’s still here, being very affectionate and loving. Strangely enough he’ll stop showing us his love when he’s had his dinner though. Nothing surpasses his love for food, although one thing comes close- his brush. He thoroughly enjoys getting brushed and would generally sit for hours receiving such treatment, although on occasion he’ll decide eating the brush would be more enjoyable.

Oscar loves finding a cosy spot and staying there, either on a bed, in the garden, or in the middle of the floor. He may seem to be a lovely sleepy bundle of joy and he is, but he has his moments on insanity. Occasionally you’ll hear the clatter of small, padded feet running around the house at a rate of knots and you really wonder what’s going through his head.

Another of his party tricks is to run into the house from the garden as fast as his small legs can carry him. Somehow, each time he does this he manages to bring in half of the garden. How he manages to do this will continue to baffle us.

Unlike the adventurous Sheldon, Oscar likes to keep within earshot of the house in case he hears the distinct rattle of a can filled with rocks (the system we use to bring the cats in if they don’t appear at dinner time) and can generally be found around the house, or romping around the garden.