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Things that go Bump in the night…

Well it's more of a scratch/scrape really than a bump... and it doesn't just happen in the night.... but we seem to have some uninvited "guests" scurrying around in the walls. We've not seen any other evidence, just a variety of scratching and … [Continue reading]

When it Rains…..

Upon first inspecting the property, I had noticed some odd looking plumbing fittings sticking out of the ground down one side of the house.  I figured they were something to do with the drainage system.  I've since learned that they are actually part … [Continue reading]

The Sheldon Saga continues….

Well... He is back.... (after 6 days).. and looking as healthy and happy as ever.... We went out for just an hour... to discover 3 voice messages on the answer machine when we got back....  Message 1 : from mum, saying that she had found Sheldon … [Continue reading]

A little about Sheldon

Sheldon is a wanderer. He is our 2 year old (??) tabby cat and makes up half of our pet menagerie (his "brother" Oscar will  no doubt get his own featured post at some stage). You may have already guessed, but he was named after the "Big Bang … [Continue reading]

Sheldon has left the Building !!

Left the doors open late tonight... and surprise surprise, Sheldon has disappeared... :( Wonder where he has got to this time.... and when he will turn up again :) … [Continue reading]

Jamie’s 2nd Driving Lesson !!

Jamie'sSecond driving lesson today... and... OMG... he has started reverse parking already !!! … [Continue reading]

We have officially Arrived

Beds, washing machine and  fridge delivered today, and we have officially moved in. :) A few minor issues which need to be rectfiied, but so nfar so good... Very Nice to have our own space again … [Continue reading]

Picked up the Keys – Woo Hoo

Picked up the keys from Remax... yippeee... can start "moving in", althouguh there is no rush and expect it to take a week or so before we are "officially" in. … [Continue reading]

SOLD – December 2011

Sold on December 11th 2011 … [Continue reading]

Sold – Oct 2009

Sold for $537,500 (this was for the FULL Block - which has subsequently been subdivided into 2 seperate blocks) … [Continue reading]