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Lets Call Him Sirius !!!

Now that our new kitten has had time to settle in, and we have all  had time to get to know each other better - and  after much careful consideration, and debate we have decided to call him Sirius (of Sirius Black - Harry Potter fame) - primarily because of his colour, but also because he is a bit of a scallyway. Sirius and Oscar have become buddies - and whilst they are still a little cautious … [Read more...]

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours…

Well, we've been here for a few months now, there are still a few minor "glitches" with the house (e.g. TV Points) but all in all we are feeling very settled. We've caught up with some of the neighbours - who are ALL very nice.  We rarely seem to cross paths (everyone has such a hectic lifestyle these days) but it's always nice to have a chat. We've also got some news on the block at the … [Read more...]

Introducing Nicholas von Whiskas

Well at least that is his RSPCA name.... It is highly unlikely that it will stick though, we will give him a week or two to settle in and see what names id most appropriate. Since Sheldon's latest "escape" (over two weeks ago) we have not seen or heard of him at all... So.... because Oscar is now a little lonely  (OK so maybe Jamie and I have some ulterior motives too), we decided to get a new … [Read more...]

The last of Sheldon ??

Well, I think that we have finally seen they last of Sheldon. This morning we were passing Sheldon's drain so thought we would check it out... no sign, but we went around the corner to the house he has been "visiting", rattled his tin... and sure enough, after a few minutes, plodding on up the driveway came Sheldon...  He  was none the worse for wear (after over two weeks away) and in fact … [Read more...]

Sheldon Update

Well... as suspected Sheldon's nomadic behaviour is escalating... he has wandered of twice this week already. He disappeared straight after dinner on Wednesday night, and Thursday morning - on the off chance - we checked out Meadowlands Rd... I rattled his tin, and if he was there at all,  expected to hear him before we saw him so was a bit surprised to see a head pop up out of a drain just … [Read more...]

Property Maintenance Ponderings

I'm quite new to the rental game... it has been many years since I have been a tenant and I am a little bemused by the whole concept and process of rental property maintenance. In order to get the most out of any property, some level of maintenance is required.  No matter how careful you are, or how new and fresh the property is, there will always be things that break, wear out, or just don't … [Read more...]

Sheldon Returns

So... after another 6 days Sheldon has been found again.  We got a call this evening that he had wandered into the back yard of a family just off Meadowlands Rd... a mere 100 meters from where he was found last time. It appears that he has found a new "favourite spot", so with a bit of luck the next time he wanders off we will know where to look. In anticipation of of ongoing wanderings, I … [Read more...]

The Dishwasher Saga – should it really be this hard?

I've never really been a great fan of dishwashers.  We tend not to use that many dishes and I usually find it quicker and easier to wash them by hand anyway.  I also think it is a good discipline for the kids, to get involved with "washing the dishes". However, as a part of the rental agreement, we were assured that a new dishwasher would be installed. We were promised this would be done before … [Read more...]

Sheldon up to his old tricks (with a twist)

For the last week or so, Sheldon has been disappearing promptly after breakfast and re-appearing several hours later. I've seen him wander across the (busy) road, but he always reappears in plenty of time for dinner. For the last few nights he has also been disappearing after dinner... and one night Jamie found him wandering a few hundred meters up the road... We've been closing the front door … [Read more...]

Things that go Bump in the night…

Well it's more of a scratch/scrape really than a bump... and it doesn't just happen in the night.... but we seem to have some uninvited "guests" scurrying around in the walls. We've not seen any other evidence, just a variety of scratching and scraping sounds emanating from the walls - at various times and locations. We suspect Rats because the noise is too much for mice... and probably not … [Read more...]