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Archives for June 2012

Introducing Nicholas von Whiskas

Well at least that is his RSPCA name.... It is highly unlikely that it will stick though, we will give him a week or two to settle in and see what names id most appropriate. Since Sheldon's latest "escape" (over two weeks ago) we have not seen or heard of him at all... So.... because Oscar is now a little lonely  (OK so maybe Jamie and I have some ulterior motives too), we decided to get a new … [Read more...]

The last of Sheldon ??

Well, I think that we have finally seen they last of Sheldon. This morning we were passing Sheldon's drain so thought we would check it out... no sign, but we went around the corner to the house he has been "visiting", rattled his tin... and sure enough, after a few minutes, plodding on up the driveway came Sheldon...  He  was none the worse for wear (after over two weeks away) and in fact … [Read more...]