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Archives for April 2012

A little about Oscar

Oscar, our second cat, was procured after Sheldon had disappeared for a few months, and we'd decided that we may not see him again. Oscar was a stand out from the other cats when we spotted him at the RSPCA,  and he quickly warmed to the idea of being a lovely ball of fluff.  However, only a month or two after we got Oscar, Sheldon was found and brought back to us (oh the wonders of … [Read more...]

Sheldon up to his old tricks (with a twist)

For the last week or so, Sheldon has been disappearing promptly after breakfast and re-appearing several hours later. I've seen him wander across the (busy) road, but he always reappears in plenty of time for dinner. For the last few nights he has also been disappearing after dinner... and one night Jamie found him wandering a few hundred meters up the road... We've been closing the front door … [Read more...]

Things that go Bump in the night…

Well it's more of a scratch/scrape really than a bump... and it doesn't just happen in the night.... but we seem to have some uninvited "guests" scurrying around in the walls. We've not seen any other evidence, just a variety of scratching and scraping sounds emanating from the walls - at various times and locations. We suspect Rats because the noise is too much for mice... and probably not … [Read more...]

When it Rains…..

Upon first inspecting the property, I had noticed some odd looking plumbing fittings sticking out of the ground down one side of the house.  I figured they were something to do with the drainage system.  I've since learned that they are actually part of a "soak pit" which has been put in place to deal with the stormwater runoff.   A Soak Pit, also known as a soakaway or leach pit, is a covered, … [Read more...]

The Sheldon Saga continues….

Well... He is back.... (after 6 days).. and looking as healthy and happy as ever.... We went out for just an hour... to discover 3 voice messages on the answer machine when we got back....  Message 1 : from mum, saying that she had found Sheldon at her place... what the !!! Message 2 : (left earlier) from someone saying they had Googled the number on Sheldons tag, had found our (old) address … [Read more...]

A little about Sheldon

Sheldon is a wanderer. He is our 2 year old (??) tabby cat and makes up half of our pet menagerie (his "brother" Oscar will  no doubt get his own featured post at some stage). You may have already guessed, but he was named after the "Big Bang Theory's" Sheldon Cooper character... because he was long and thin... and VERY VERY smart, and although our Sheldon is much "friendlier" than … [Read more...]

Sheldon has left the Building !!

Left the doors open late tonight... and surprise surprise, Sheldon has disappeared... :( Wonder where he has got to this time.... and when he will turn up again :) … [Read more...]

Jamie’s 2nd Driving Lesson !!

Jamie'sSecond driving lesson today... and... OMG... he has started reverse parking already !!! … [Read more...]